Tips to Conserve More Water at Home

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It is no secret that we are in a massive drought. We all need to do our part not to worsen the drought but to aid it. Just think by conserving you will also save money on your home water bill. Take some of these tips as preventative measures to help end the drought sooner. We need to conserve our water to survive.

The simplest thing you can do is check all of your piping and faucets for leakage. A small leak can cost you twenty gallons of water per day. Those little drips add up fast. Another extremely easy fix is to conserve how many times a day you flush. Make sure to only flush human waste. When you flush trash, cigarettes and tampons down the toilet alone you are wasting water. You waste about seven gallons to be exact. If you add these tiny problems up you can waste a lot of water, about twenty seven gallons of water a day.

A third easy fix is to switch your shower heads to water efficient heads. You can also switch your faucet heads to low flow aerators. These quick switches are both in-expensive and can save about two and half gallons per minute. An even simpler action to save water is to plain out take shorter showers. Be mindful of your water use. Every four minutes you use 20 gallons of water. If you break down your shower time you will be aware of how many gallons of water you are wasting per minute.

Another extremely simple proactive action you can do is turn off the water while brushing your teeth. All you need to do is wet your tooth brush and then fill a glass of water. The glass of water can be used to rinse your mouth and your tooth brush. Lastly, only use your clothes washer and dish washer for full loads. This will minimize your usage of these appliances. Also, make sure to air dry your clothes. This will cut down on both your heat and water bills.

The average person uses around seventy gallons of water a day. When these tips are used in your every day practice you can save up to twenty five gallons or more a day! Save our water!