Target Goes Green

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Target is now implementing new and improved alternatives to save energy. Each new Target that is built will be highly energy efficient. The chain has engineered new technology to cut their energy usage in half. These improvements are a result of Target partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy.

The first Target that has reduced their energy usage by fifty percent is a Target in Brookfield, Wisconsin. This Target was finished in 2012. In the time frame of May 2012 to October 2012 the energy they saved was over thirty four percent. The energy saved within six months is noteworthy. Target has vowed to continue researching and implementing energy saving technology into each and every Target store.

One technology that Target has implemented are their energy saving lights. These lights have sensors to dim. When there is enough daylight coming through the windows to light the store the lights will subtlety dim out. Smart lights that save energy. Another set of similar lights that they have implemented are the new lights in their refrigerators. Their refrigerator lights shut off when a customer is not around. When a customer walks up these lights turn back on and then as soon as the customer walks away they return to the off position. They have also replaced all their bulbs with high efficiency light bulbs.

Target has also switched to plug loads to save electricity with their electronics section. These are just a few of the new ways Target has chosen to go green. Target wants to help preserve our plant. Will you support them?