Adventures In Nature Photography Contest

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The Adventures In Nature photography contest in Tuscan, Arizona is going on their third annual year. A mere three years ago the contest began with 84 entries from high school students across Arizona. This number has now grown well over 1,000 submissions. The contest is supported by Cox Communications, The Nature Conservancy and Arizona Highways Magazine.. The top winners receive large cash awards. The photography contest is open to all high school students located in Arizona. The entries received this past year came from all over including Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Prescott as well as Tucson.

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It was obvious this year that the students camera knowledge and talent was unremarkable. Their familiarity with the latest digital camera equipment combined with a deep appreciation for light and composition is breath taking. It was almost as if they recreated the era of Impressionist painters. The judging categories included technical knowledge, artistic eye, emotional response, creativity and originality.

A student from Prescott named Randy Davidson took first place this year. He won with his gorgeous photo of the night sky highlighting the Milky way. He called it - Under the Stars. It was inspired by his love of hiking and exploration. Randy is a Granite Mountain frequenter. His knowledge of the mountain and the clear air quality worked in his favor. His photographic lighting was impeccable. Randy used a Nikon D3300 and a thirty second exposure.

If you are a high schooler with a passion for photography submit your best photo to next years Adventures in Nature Photography contest. It can be costly to print all your photos at home so Shutterfly provided special discounts for your contestants. From free photo posters to free free prints you can save a lot with the unique Shutterly codes. Put your creativity to use and you may go home with the winning prize. Contact your schools advisor for more information.