Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy

The Perkiomen organization has been established since 1964. It was founded to help conserve and preserve Perkiomen Watershed creek’s natural resources. Perkisomen conservancy serves over three hundred and sixty two surrounding miles. This includes Burks and Bucks counties, as well as Lehigh and Montgomery. The environmental education programs and the conservation programs offered by the Perkiomen conservancy are award winning. The programs have reached over a thousand people every year. The organization is non-profit and requires memberships, donations, and sponsorships to keep running.


The programs are designed to involve the community and educate them in a classroom setting and hands on throughout different observation activities along the creek. The goal is to inspire the community to actively protect the environment. All ages from three years old to high school as well as adults are invited to attend these programs. Each program is educationally catered to its age range.

One of the hands on community volunteer programs is the annual Stream Clean Up. On average around 700 volunteers come out and lend a hand in cleaning up trash and debris throughout the creek. Other conservation programs include tree planting community days or more intensive stream bank reconstruction programs. Stormwater impact education is also a strong subject in the conservancy programs. The funding for these programs mostly come from grants which are hard to come by.

The conservancy offers a selection of special events which engages with local business and residents of Watershed. The businesses are able to participate with sponsorships and services. Participants get to experience enticing events and opportunities to explore watershed in a way they otherwise would not be aloud to do on their own. The annual Survival Challenge brings participants from all over the county to compete in a duathlon that includes a canoe race down the Perkiomen. There is also a more relaxed trip offered called The Perkiomen Sojourn. At this trip you travel the lower Perkiomen Creek.

There is also an annual Halloween Night Hike. This exciting night is for kids of all ages to observe the animals of the night. Each share stories about their day to day lives. All events include educational info about the Conservancy and the many natural assets and resources of the Perkiomen Creek watershed. Every year an Environmental Awards Night held to honors those who have helped protect and maintain the natural resources of Perkiomen. Please donate to help keep our lands environmental education alive!